Zach Loeks

Edible Eco-system Design

Ecosystem Solution Institute


Zach is an educator, designer and grower who specializes in Edible Eco-system Design for farms, cities and homesteads. He is the director of the Ecosystem Solution Institute and runs the Institute’s online school EcosystemU.com

Zach manages an award-winning farm with diversified food forest products, heirloom garlic, and a hardy tree nursery. His innovations have won three provincial awards and are featured in his books: The Permaculture Market Garden, The Edible Ecosystem Solution and The Two-wheel Tractor Handbook.

The Institute oversees pathbreaking education sites, including an Edible Biodiversity Conservation Area near Ottawa, Ontario and a suburban food forest in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Zach is speaking in Kansas.


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Growing with Two-wheel Tractors: Small-scale Equipment and Innovative Techniques

This workshop explores how to scale-up using two-wheel tractors for farmers, market gardens, and homesteaders. It explores popular two-wheel tractor use and innovative methods to maximize your space, time, and energy to produce annual and perennial crops.

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Edible Ecosystem Design

This workshop examines the methods of edible ecosystem design used by Zach Loeks on his farm and through work as a landscape designer, including innovative techniques for transitioning your property to site-suitable, hardy and productive edible perennials. The workshops is full of techniques, systems, methods and designs for planting edible perennial landscapes on homes, homesteads and farms using ecosystem design. We will explore Zipperbeds, the 123 Planting method, ecosystem mimicry, and introduce the Permabed system. This workshop is for all levels of growers as it presents unique concepts that will be immediately applicable to many situations and skill levels.

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