Yvonne Sandoval

Bueno Para Todos

El Valle Women’s Collaborative


Yvonne Sandoval LCSW is a mixed race indigenous person of Turtle Island recovering knowledge for the next seven generations. Yvonne is a matriarch, farmer, healer, and a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. She is a rematriator of land and is fierce advocate for our plant relatives.

Yvonne is speaking in Texas.


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Rematriation: Indigenous knowledge for climate change and farming

Ancestral knowledge from the original peoples of Turtle Island will be key in adapting to climate change. Prior to colonization and big Ag our people lived in abundantly with our foods and medicines. We went from polycultures to monoculture. At this time, we are presented with the opportunity to collectively heal what has been done to the earth and to our food systems by learning regenerative practices. Land rematriation is about restoring our sacred connection with land, healing the soil, and in turn we heal ourselves. In this workshop, you will learn the land-based, people of Bueno Para Todos farming techniques that can be used to address water shortages, build more resilient crops, and fortify the soil for healthier foods.

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