Woniya Dawn Thibeault

Buckskin Revolution


Woniya Thibeault is a passionate educator and crafts person. She lived a lot of her adult life off grid, growing and gathering her own food and making what she needs from resources in the landscape around her. She recently tested these skills on Season 6 of Alone where she spent 73 days living off the land in the arctic. Through her business, Buckskin Revolution, she teaches ancestral and land-based living skills with a focus on integrating the skills humans have relied on for eons into their modern lives in a way that fosters connection to the land around them, their human community, and the wilder places in themselves.

With decades of experience in ancestral skills and a masters degree in Environmental Science, she strives to combine the physical skills for feeding, clothing and sheltering oneself with nature connection practices and natural history knowledge for a well-rounded experience that helps people experience a more abundant, grounded and connected life.

Woniya is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Why Eating Wilder Matters (and How to Start Doing It!)

It isn’t a big leap to say that most people’s diets today are not as healthy as those of our ancestors. Most of us aren’t going to wake up tomorrow ready to become hunter-gatherers, but there are a lot of ways we can incorporate wild foods and medicines into our diets in little ways that can make a big difference in our bodies, in our psyches, and in our sense of connection to the world around us. Learning how to harvest and make use of a few wild foods will help you weather the storms of global crisis with more confidence and a positive step toward building a healthier, more resilient, wilder life. After all: You are what you eat!
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