Tradd Cotter

Mushroom Mountain, LLC

Tradd Cotter is a microbiologist, professional mycologist, and organic gardener who has been tissue culturing, collecting native fungi in the Southeast, and cultivating both commercially and experimentally for more than 22 years. He’s the author of Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation, published by Chelsea Green in 2014. In 1996, he founded Mushroom Mountain (which he owns and operates with his wife, Olga, and daughter Heidi) to explore applications for mushrooms in various industries, and he currently maintains more than 200 species of fungi for food production, mycoremediation of environmental pollutants, and natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. Books by this Speaker: Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation

Tradd is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Mycelial Magic: Fine tuning your expertise in mushroom cultivation

Already growing mushrooms? Need a boost in skill sets and ideas to catapult your home or small-scale operation? Learn a few tricks and methods that will bring your expertise to a higher level and add exciting new species to your list of edible and medicinal mushroom adventures!

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Mushroom Cultivation

Want to grow mushrooms at home but don’t know where to start? Join Tradd Cotter, mycologist and organic gardener, during this webinar to learn! For more than 20 years, Tradd has been pondering questions around mushrooms and conducting trials in search of answers. Covering skills such as indoor growing on coffee grounds or pasteurized sawdust to garden growing on logs or wood-chip beds, Tradd has answers to your at-home mushroom growing questions. Learn from his insights such as perpetuating spawn on cardboard without the use of electricity and more! Learn more at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR Online site: Maker Series Webinars
Organic Gardening Hands On

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Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms

Join best-selling author and mushroom researcher Tradd Cotter as he guides you through an introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms. The quality and potency of mushrooms is a direct reflection of their environment, and Tradd walks you through the process of how mushrooms program their chemistry to achieve the best results. A gallery of common species that can be easily grown or wild harvested is included in this simplified and informational overview that will get you started making your own medicinal remedies for many health conditions.
Hands On Practical Skills

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Four Easy Ways to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Looking for an amazingly easy class to get you started in growing mushrooms? Learn four easy methods of mushroom cultivation that have the potential for high-yielding, low-tech operations at home or on the farm. Tradd Cotter discusses cultivating mushrooms on logs, stumps, wood chips, composts, spent coffee grounds, paper, and cardboard. Learning these four techniques opens the door to being able to cultivate dozens of edible and medicinal species with little or no startup costs or expensive equipment.
Hands On Practical Skills

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