Tom Watkins

Murray McMurray Hatchery


Tom Watkins is the President and co-owner of Murray McMurray Hatchery in Webster City, Iowa. Tom and his father-in-law and hatchery co-owner, Bud Wood, are building on the company’s 104 year-old legacy of hatching the highest quality baby poultry in the U.S. Tom manages day-to-day operations of the hatchery which offers over 120 varieties of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and many other types of poultry and fowl. Tom, his wife Ashley, and their four children have a one-acre homestead in Central Iowa where they have raised and kept their own flocks of chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Tom is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Determining Flock Size and Selecting Breeds for Your Flock

Getting started with chickens is exciting, but how do you determine how many chickens you’ll need? Do you want enough eggs to feed your family, or do you want enough to sell eggs locally? In this part one of this workshop, McMurray Hatchery’s Tom Watkins talks about how to determine how many chickens you need to fit your needs, and how the breeds you select weigh into it. So you’ve decided to get chickens. But with hundreds of chicken breeds, deciding which breeds to get can be overwhelming. In part two of this workshop, McMurray Hatchery’s Tom Watkins and Ginger Stevenson talk about selecting breeds for different needs, climate, use, egg color or quantity, and more.
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