Tim Miller

Millberg Farm Certified Organic Grower

Tim Miller has been a certified organic grower for 33 years. He specializes in only heirlooms and water conservation. Using only small quantities of saved rainwater has enabled him to sustain a highly diversified small-scale farm. As a product of the community gardening system, he went from backyard to community gardens, being hired by Austin Community Gardens (where he worked for nine years). He’s gone from developing garden sites to owning a farm. Years of specialized growing techniques have enabled him to grow without ever pumping any aquifer water in 28 years.

Tim is speaking in Texas.


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Recycling in Your Landscape

Broken concrete, rocks, beams, and drip irrigation lines can all have secondary uses. Over the course of 33 years, Millberg Farms has built permaculture features that enhance water retention on 5 landscaped acres. Learn about how the farm created artwork, raised beds, and incorporated innovative rainwater collection features.

Speaking At:

Texas, Sunday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Building and Energy Stage