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Homestead Hustle offers tips, tricks, and guides for the home business of homesteading. Learn to profit from being your own boss on the farm!

The will be speaking at the Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kansas Fairs


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Homestead Hard Knocks

Homestead Hustle bloggers Kristin Kay Schultz, and Matt Stephens discuss their hustles, chatting about lessons learned on the homestead that forced them to adapt. They reveal how they prefer to market their businesses, as well as how they had to evolve over time. Bring your lunch and questions and hear an insightful and inspiring discussion about how to earn even more from your homestead. Read more of their work at Homestead Hustle
Modern Homesteading

Available In:

Texas, Sunday 1:00-1:30 p.m., Homestead Hustle Stage
North Carolina, Workshop time to be determined
Maryland, Workshop time to be determined
Oregon, Workshop time to be determined
Pennsylvania, Workshop time to be determined
Kansas, Workshop time to be determined