Tanzia Karim



Tanzia launched UrbGarden in spring 2021 to empower people to grow food through urban gardening. She devotes herself to propelling the food justice movement and making gardening accessible to our communities. Urb’s mission is to provide the tools and resources necessary to explore gardening within small spaces, allowing us to cultivate a deeper understanding of how collectively growing food revolutionizes our food system.

Tanzia is speaking in Texas.


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Growing Seedlings for Kids

Join Tanzia Karim in this kid’s workshop, where we learn how to grow seedlings through interactive games and activities! Every attendee will mix their own soil, learn the basic needs of plants, and sow seasonal organic seeds! Suitable for ages 5 to 10.
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 11:30-12:30 p.m., Kids Treehouse Stage

Gardening with Limited Space

Discover how to grow with limited space. Whether you live in an apartment, only have a balcony, or just don’t have a lot of space to garden, this workshop will help you figure out what you can grow and how to do it. Join Tanzia Karim and find out some of the best ways to take advantage of the limited space you have.
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Texas, Sunday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Farmer's Friend Stage