Sharon Dubuc

Black Thorn Farm & Kitchen

Sharon is a shepherd and chef stewarding mountain land with her family in Big Sandy Mush, NC. Together they tend a flock of wool sheep. They also cultivate orchard trees, focusing on persimmon and pawpaw, and host guests at their farmstay rentals. They utilize the meat and fruit they grow and neighboring farmers’ harvests to prepare meals for their guests.

Sharon is speaking in North Carolina.


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Carbon Farming and Agroforestry

Optimize your land’s carbon storage potential while growing trees for fruit and nuts, timber, beautification, and biodiversity! In this one-day intensive workshop, our instructors will guide participants by applying “carbon farming” principles to their farms and projects. Our focus will be on agroforestry or the intentional integration of trees and shrubs in farm systems.

Speaking At:

North Carolina, Friday 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Pre-Conference Workshops