Shakara Tyler

Black Dirt Farm Collective

Shakara is a returning-generation farmer, educator, and activist-scholar who commits to abolition and decolonization through Black agrarianism, agroecology, food sovereignty, and climate justice. She obtained her PhD at Michigan State University in community sustainability. Shakara works with Black farming communities in Michigan and the Mid-Atlantic through involvement with the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, People’s Food Co-op, and more.

Shakara is speaking in North Carolina.


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Growing Together: Farmer Cooperatives and Collectives

Farmer cooperatives have a long, successful history as organizational structures for combining resources and achieving shared success. Our panelists will describe how they have used collective power to access land, infrastructure, equipment, capital, and markets while building community and increasing resilience. Join the conversation with these inspiring leaders.

Speaking At:

North Carolina, Sunday 11:00-12:30 p.m., Farming