Selin Nurgün

Burton Street Peace Gardens & Market; Self-Employed

Selin is a queer climate resilience practitioner, somatic coach, and urban farmer. They are first-generation Turkish American and were raised beyond borders, between Istanbul and Seattle. Selin manages the micro-farm at Burton Peace Gardens & Market and supports folks through climate grief, burnout, and change. Otherwise, she can be found rollerskating, making art, or practicing their new hobby, kung-fu.

Selin is speaking in North Carolina.


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Growing with Change: Mental Health, Farming, and self-care

How can we embrace change while farming on a warming planet? Adapting practices and finding new technologies is necessary, but we cannot neglect our health in the process. Allowing space for grief, somatic awareness, and self-compassion are critical for our wellbeing as we continue stewarding land toward a livable future.

Speaking At:

North Carolina, Saturday 2:30-4:00 p.m., Sacred Ecologies