Sarah K. Mock

Freelance Writer and Researcher

The seed for Sarah K. Mock’s passion for farming was planted on her family’s farm in Wyoming. As it grew, so, too, did her need to find the answer to a critical question: Is it possible to farm without exploiting farmers, farmworkers, the environment, or communities? Mock’s search for answers took her around the globe, working in and around agriculture for nonprofits, government organizations, Silicon Valley companies, the national news media, and directly with farms.

Sarah is speaking in Texas.


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The Future Farm

Sarah K. Mock dives into what’s ahead for farm businesses, from organization to economics to technology. We’ll discuss how to evaluate new tools, how to think about alternative business models, and how to think about your farm’s most important asset: your people!
Sustainable Agriculture

Speaking At:

Big Team Farms (Video Presentation)

Starting from the conclusions of her debut book Farm (and Other F Words), Sarah K. Mock will explore what comes after the fall of the small family farm, and how communities can work strategically to grow farms differently for good food, good jobs, and good stewardship.
Sustainable Agriculture

Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Growing Community Stage