Roselyne Douge-Charles

Soul Fire Farm

Rosy Douge-Charles has a passion for racial and food justice. Born in Montreal, raised in New York, and fashioned in Montreal again (with a brief stay in her ancestral land of Haiti), Douge-Charles loves to dig deep into esoteric knowledge, spirituality, and symbolism with a womanist framework. In 2016, she founded a black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC) urban garden where members grow their own food and they donate to the local nonprofit organizations doing “the work.” As a part of Soul Fire Farm’s speakers collective, she would like to share some of the knowledge that the farm has generously shared with her. She likes to uncover the intersections that affect the lives of black people from representation, the carceral system, education, health, art, parenthood, land ownership, and health. Douge-Charles is a practicing doula, an urban gardener, sometimes an artist, a part-time educator, and a full-time black person. To be honest, she’s just trying to stay alive and thrive with her community.

Roselyne will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Fairs


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Community Building Practical ways to build community around food justice

Justice movements focus on building solid relationships and consistently use the term community building. But often, people don't give the strategies and tools to build intentional and sustainable communities. Following the lead of Soul Fire Farm, this workshop provides practical ways to build solid relationships.
Nature and Community

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Pennsylvania, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Mother Earth Living Stage