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Richo Cech started his professional work as an archaeologist and ethnobotanist in East Africa. Upon returning to the United States in 1978, he and his wife, Mayche, began cultivating and saving the seed of medicinal plants. Through the years, their gardens have become the basis for Strictly Medicinal Seeds, growers of organic, open-pollinated, and GMO-free seed and plants of medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, succulents, trees, and garden vegetables. The Cech family produces a popular, biyearly, hand-illustrated seed catalog that provides access to this collection of common, quirky, eclectic, and bizarre seeds and plants. Richo has botanized in China and Africa, resulting in the introduction of unusual and helpful medicinal herb species to gardeners throughout the world.

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Zero Medicine Miles: Herbal trees and plants on the diverse landscape

Microsite planting on the herbal homestead produces medicines for family and community. Farm-direct sourcing of standard medicinal herbs such as comfrey, goldenseal, hawthorn, and tulsi is a reasonable goal. Medicinal leaves, barks, roots, and fruits can be harvested and used in home health care. All of nature rejoices when we garden. This presentation pulls together many of the species Richo Cech has found most helpful and long-lived on the herbal landscape.
Natural Health Keynote

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Seed Cleaning: The seminal foundation of diversity

Learn hands-on techniques for producing clean seeds from dried seedheads. Using graduated stainless-steel screens, wind, cotton sheets, and pizza pans, you can transform chaos into purity!
Organic Gardening

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Oregon, Workshop time to be determined