Rhonda Sherman

Chelsea Green Publishing

North Carolina State University


People in 110 countries have contacted Rhonda Sherman about vermicomposting during the past 26 years she’s spent working at North Carolina State University. Chelsea Green Publishing just published her book The Worm Farmer’s Handbook. She gives about 40 presentations annually, primarily about vermicomposting and composting on small and large scales. And she holds an annual vermicomposting conference that draws participants from around the world.

Rhonda will be speaking at the North Carolina Fairs


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Vermicomposting What am I doing wrong?

The author of The Worm Farmer’s Handbook discusses common mistakes with vermicomposting and provides tips for avoiding or fixing them. Are you sure you have the correct earthworm species? Is your bedding and feedstock appropriate? How can you keep your worm bed warm during winter? What can you do to get the moisture level just right? What other problems are you experiencing with your worm bin? Solve these problems with Rhonda Sherman!
Modern Homesteading Organic Gardening

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North Carolina, Sunday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Homestead Hustle Stage

Vermicompost Increases Soil Fertility and Crop Yields

Farmers, entrepreneurs, retirees, community gardeners, businesses, and others can learn how to turn organic materials into beneficial soil amendments that can increase plant growth and suppress pests and diseases. This workshop covers the fundamental concepts of vermicompost production, including earthworm husbandry, feedstocks, pre-composting, vermicomposting methodologies and systems, how to choose the right systems for your situation, harvesting techniques, and applications. Beginners to advanced vermicomposters can learn how to start or expand their operations, and see how others are vermicomposting around the world.
Modern Homesteading Organic Gardening

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North Carolina, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Sustainable Agriculture Stage