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Renee Pottle is a Family and Consumer Scientist and a serial side-gig entrepreneur. She writes about food preservation, gardening, and food business from her home in Kennewick, Washington. She’s the author of several books, including Creative Jams and Preserves, Profitable Preserves, and The Confident Canner.

Renee is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Dehydrating 101

Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is the easiest way to preserve the harvest, but some fruits and vegetables are better suited to the process than others. Explore dehydration options, learn which produce dehydrates well, and hear how to turn your dehydrated foods into delicious gifts and home-prepared meals.
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Create Your Own Shelf Stable Food Mixes

Attractive mixes made from dried and dehydrated foods are time-saving, convenient, and delicious. They are superb last-minute meal solutions and impressive gifts. Join Renee as she shows how to choose and dehydrate the best ingredients from your garden or the grocery store. She also demonstrates how to layer and decorate some favorites from her new book, Mixes in a Jar. During the webinar, Renee will be demonstrating mixes for tomato vegetable soup, sunny lemon pasta salad, sun dried tomato mac and cheese, swiss muesli, hopi blue cornbread, and fruit compote. Learn more at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR Online site: Maker Series Webinars
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