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In Her It Blooms


Regina Kankinza helps womxn learn the language of their bodies so they can be the protagonist in their own healing journeys using plant-medicine, ritual and reverence. In Her It Blooms is Regina’s ode and offering to support the body-mind-spirit complex of the warrior-womxn, the seekers, those determined to live life on purpose and those who came here to play and have pleasure on behalf of all the womxn before them who were denied that right. Regina’s offerings to you are rooted in deep study in Ayurveda, spiritual herbalism, ancestral practices, yoga therapy, health supportive cooking, pranayama, meditation, Nubian & Kemetic healing practices and vibrational therapies. Regina has dedicated various chapters of my life to learning with indigenous land activists, farm-to-table chefs, herbalists, Ayurvedic doctors, yogi’s, Nubian & Kemetic keepers of the tradition, village elders, ancestors as well as with mama nature herself.

Regina is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Herbal Honeys

Honey has long been lauded for its healing benefits. In this workshop we take a brief look at some of the health benefits of using honey to support our immune system. We make two staple remedies: electuaries and syrups. Both are delicious remedies you can make and have on hand. They easily can find their way into your everyday cooking (slather them on toast, sweet your tea, use them in your homemade salad dressing, etc). Because honey is sweet & well loved, herbal honeys are great for everyone, especially children, picky eaters or those who have trouble with the bitter taste that is often found in strong medicinal plants. Both recipes included here are template recipes that can easily be substituted with the herbs that you love or have on hand - the possibilities are endless! Get started making herbal remedies that taste great!
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