Raychel Kolen

Mountain Rose Herbs


Raychel Kolen oversees marketing efforts for Eugene-based ecommerce company Mountain Rose Herbs, and she recently returned from a trip to Europe to visit one of their distilling partners in Provence, France, and see firsthand how Mountain Rose Herbs’ essential oils are crafted. A purveyor of the highest-quality organically grown herbs and spices, essential oils, teas, and other botanical goods, the company is made up of team members like Kolen, folks who love introducing people to the wonderful world of essential oils and other powerful plant-based offerings. Mountain Rose Herbs’ mission is to do business in a way that leaves a lighter footprint on the Earth. Putting people, plants, and planet before profit drives everything they do, from sustainable sourcing, to compostable packaging, to becoming the first certified zero-waste company in Oregon.

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Exploring Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Raychel Kolen from Mountain Rose Herbs talks about aromatherapy and essential oil basics. She covers topics that include: what essential oils and hydrosols are and how they are crafted, safety and storage tips, safe dilutions and appropriate use, basic blending, and easy ways to incorporate essential oils and hydrosols into your daily life. Get the presentation emailed to your inbox and take advantage of the opportunity to sample some of the most popular scents. This presentation's sponsored by Mountain Rose Herbs.
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