Randy Oakley

Oakley Family Apiaries


Randy Oakley grew up helping tend beehives in the family beekeeping operation his dad started in 1975. His sons now help him carry on the Oakley family beekeeping tradition as they adapt sustainable beekeeping methods based on observations made from several hundred feral honeybee rescues they make each year. The Oakley family manages a hundred beehives in Central Texas from which they harvest and sell local wildflower honey and starter beehives. Oakley teaches workshops on homestead beekeeping at Oakley Family Apiaries and around Central Texas.

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Reduce Your Property Tax Through Beekeeping

In 2012, the State of Texas added beekeeping as a legitimate agricultural activity that can qualify landowners of 5 to 20 acres for an “Ag Exemption” on their property tax. Learn if your property meets the requirements for this property tax relief and how to set up a qualifying apiary. Over the past four years, beekeeper Randy Oakley has helped multiple landowners set up and manage honeybee hives for honey, pollination, and tax savings. He can help you develop a plan for a successful apiary. What are the most productive bee breeds and beehive types for your situation? What are the costs? How much can you save? Learn how to get started keeping bees and saving money.
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Texas, Sunday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Yanmar Sustainable Agriculture Stage