Randy and Terri Brim

Brim Seed



Randy and Terri Brim run Brim Seed, a small family-owned business based in Texas dedicated to teaching the art of seed saving, the value of open-pollinated seeds, and the need for soil restoration and composting. Since most varieties are grown in northern climates, they promote southern-acclimated seed for the unpredictable southern climate. Living out the essentials, their goal is to educate and inspire others to “Participate in Life.”

Randy is speaking in Texas.


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Seed Sustainability and Food Waste

Join Randy and Terri Brim of Brim Seed as they discuss important issues concerning your relationship to food. Learn the importance of open-pollinated seed, how to save seed, and a real solution to the problem of food waste.
Sustainable Agriculture

Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 5:00-6:00 p.m., Organic Gardening Stage