Queren King-Orozco


Queren King-Orozco lives on a homestead with her family in the Kansas prairie with a free-range flock of 45 hens. This is her fourth year selling eggs to our community. You might recognize her from previous Mother Earth News videos, especially the chick hatching episodes. Queren has spent several years gardening, chicken keeping and learning aromatherapy from Aromahead Studies.

Queren will be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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The Basics of Aromatherapy

In this workshop, former MOTHER EARTH NEWS editor Queren King-Orozco explores the uses of essential oils while addressing safety and sustainability. Discover what aromatherapy is, what essential oils are, and all about blending and creating them.
Winter Warmth

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How to Raise Baby Chicks

From the time you have chicks to when they're transferred to the coop, there's a lot to consider. In this workshop Queren King-Orozco shows you the essentials of setting up your chick feeders and brooder and basic care tips. Get the confidence to raise healthy poultry you've been looking for!
Raising Poultry 101

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Enclosure and Fencing Choices

Join Queren as she discusses the advantages of building a coop and a run versus turning a shed into a coop or using a tractor. She also explores coop sizing, fence types, and maintenance.
Raising Poultry 101

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Egg Production

If your reason for getting chickens is the supply of delicious, fresh eggs, learn here what nutrition is necessary for egg quality. Also, Queren informs you what laws to consider for cleaning, storing, and more if you're interested in selling your flock's bounty.
Raising Poultry 101

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Common Health and Behavioral Issues

Take care of your birds and learn what to do when they stop laying, begin moulting, pecking, or get injuries. Also, Queren describes what space is optimal and the considerations for cold seasons that are important to be aware of.
Raising Poultry 101

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