Pam Dawling

Twin Oaks Community

Virginia Association for Biological Farming


Pam Dawling has grown vegetables at Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia for 28 years, feeding 100 people from 3.5 acres. She’s the author of Sustainable Market Farming and The Year-Round Hoophouse. She’s a contributing editor at Growing for Market magazine, a workshop presenter, and a weekly blogger on www.SustainableMarketFarming.com.

Pam will be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Winter Cover Crops for Gardeners

Select cover crops to sow in fall to smother weeds, feed and improve the soil, and prevent erosion. Choose reliable cover crops for your climate and crop rotation, and plan when to sow them for best results. Join Pam Dawling to learn about winter-killed cover crops, hardy grasses, legumes, and how to undersow in growing food crops.
Winter Gardening

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