Nikita Mattingly

Hazy Acres Homestead

Nikita and her husband grow on 19 acres in Louisville, KY. Nikita is an avid gardener and environmentalist with a Permaculture Design Certificate. After quitting her corporate career, she began farming and landscaping full-time. Nikita is working to establish Hazy Acres Homestead into a permaculture farm and goat dairy. She enjoys life with her fuzzy, new co-workers.

Nikita is speaking in North Carolina.


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Permaculture Principles: Beginning Cultivation

Begin your permaculture journey. Learn the 12 basic principles of permaculture, an essential foundation. See examples of these principles in action and learn how they apply to agriculture, community, and interpersonal relationships.

Speaking At:

North Carolina, Saturday 9:00-11:30 a.m., Permaculture