Nico Schuessler

New Leaf Agriculture

Multicultural Refugee Coalition


Nico Schuessler was born and raised in Venezuela. For nearly 120 years, his family grew coffee in the Venezuelan Andes. In 2010, the Venezuelan government seized their farm and that year Nico migrated to the US. He joined New Leaf Agriculture in February of 2021. At New Leaf, immigrants like him bring farming skills from other countries into a space for innovation and creativity in regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

Nico is speaking in Texas.


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New Leaf Agriculture: Building Community Through Agricultural Livelihoods for Refugees

New Leaf Agriculture is a social enterprise of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition. The certified organic farm, located in Elgin, Texas, creates livelihood opportunities for refugees through a community-supported agriculture program as well as sales at farmers markets and to restaurants. Matt Simon and Nico Schuessler focus on the ways in which the farm supports its refugee employees, as well as its impact on the surrounding community. They also cover some of the exciting upcoming projects on the farm, and elaborate on our regenerative and organic methods. They can’t wait to share our community with you!
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Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 5:00-6:00 p.m., Growing Community Stage