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Michelle Avis is the co-author of Essential Rainwater Harvesting and co-founder of Verge Permaculture, a globally recognized and award-winning design, consulting, and education hub offering online and real-time programs to design and/or create integrated, regenerative systems for shelter, energy, water, waste, and food.

Michelle will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Fair.


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Is Rainwater Safe to Harvest and Drink?

Although demand and awareness of the need for rainwater use has increased in North America, its safety inspires debate. On one hand, regulators and some technical associations suggest (or require) that captured rainwater be sterilized or chlorinated prior to its use in the home (adding considerable cost and complexity, thereby increasing the barrier to adoption). On the other hand (and the other side of the world), more than 3 million Australians use rainwater for drinking and 6.3 million use it for some other household use. Few of these systems use end-of-line sterilization or disinfection, and no epidemics have resulted. Michelle Avis discusses this dichotomy, summarizing the best practices for designing rainwater harvesting systems (based on a large body of independent research). She also explains why good design and sensible maintenance practices can deliver drinking-quality water, without the need for sterilization or disinfection.
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