Melissa Norris

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Melissa K. Norris shares simple modern homesteading for a healthier and more self-sufficient life with hundreds of thousands of people through her website, books, YouTube, and popular Pioneering Today podcast. She’s a fifth-generation homesteader who thinks she might’ve been born a century too late, but is grateful to have modern tech to connect with others who feel the same pull to get back to simpler ways of living.

Melissa is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Learn which vegetables you can store without a root cellar, basement, garage, or refrigerator by using simple curing techniques. Find out which temps are ideal curing, how long to cure, and which vegetables will store the longest using this old-fashioned method of food preservation and storage.
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Learn how to use a variety of easy and cheap options to make DIY cold frames to grow more fresh vegetables throughout the fall, winter, and early spring months without any type of heat source or electricity, even in northern climates.
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