Melissa DeSa

Working Food


Melissa is a co-founder of Working Food, a non-profit organization based in Gainesville, Florida. Her background and passion for wildlife and wild places, has brought depth of knowledge and understanding to her current non-profit work tackling food systems. She has 10 years of experience in non-profit start up and management, community organizing, food systems, seed stewardship, gardening, farming, education and outreach.

Her work focuses on making seed stewardship and youth education accessible and community-oriented, with the ultimate goal of sharing regionally adapted seed. Her efforts to promote agricultural biodiversity through seed stewardship and outreach focus primarily on working with family farmers, under- privileged youth, and adults with disabilities.

Melissa is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Saving Seeds and Growing Community

Take a look at a small community-based seed collective in the Southeast and meet some of Melissa’s favorite crops that she saves seed for to share with her community. Learn along the way about some practical how-to seed saving tips for small scale growers wanting to know how to save and share their own seeds, without a lot of fancy things to do so. An emphasis on overcoming the challenges of hot and humid climates will be addressed, including some techniques for timely seed harvesting, processing, and storage. Hear some stories, ideas, and inspiration for how we work closely with a diversity of partners to truly make our seeds part of the community.
Organic Gardening Hands On

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