Max Kane




Max Kane is an American entrepreneur, local food activist, author, engaging speaker, natural health advocate, and leading expert on non-toxic dairy production. Max is the CEO of three privately help companies and the author of four books on natural eating, health and farm food marketing. Max has over $40M in marketing experience driving revenue to small farms, and has apprenticed under hundreds of farmers around the United States learning about food production.

Max is speaking in Kansas.


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How to Make a Living by Eating and Talking About Local Farm Food

The United States boasts a $1.8 trillion yearly food economy, however most of that money funnels up to the 10 companies that control most of the US's food market, where only 7 cents out-of-every food dollar returns back to the farmer. In this engaging presentation you will learn mind-blowing, behind the scenes information on the US food economy, and walk away with strategies how to secure a local food source where you can actually make a living by eating and talking about the local food that you love!
Natural Health

Speaking At:

Kansas, Sunday 1:00-1:30 p.m., Mother Earth News Stage