Matt Wilkinson

Hard Cider Homestead

Matt Wilkinson has presented at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, since its inception. He is known for his humor, knowledge, and easy-to-understand explanations of homesteading techniques and systems. Wilkinson and his family own and operate Hard Cider Homestead in rural East Amwell, New Jersey.

Matt will be speaking at the Texas and Pennsylvania Fairs.


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Creating Your Own Farm Airbnb

Take advantage of both the scenic environment of your farm and the interesting, creative farming activities that you practice on a daily basis. Matt Wilkinson guides you through the development of a farm Airbnb, which includes a compost-heated outdoor shower, a compost toilet, and recycling existing home structures. Learn how to assemble such a living space, as well as the techniques used to market and advertise it.
Modern Homesteading

Available In:

Texas, Sunday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Sustainable Agriculture Stage
Pennsylvania, Workshop time to be determined

Backyard Poultry Processing Hands-On Workshop

Learn how to turn your dreams of chicken farming in your own backyard and processing your own food into a reality. Know where your food comes from, and avoid food that’s been pumped with chemicals or other unnatural items. Discover the humane and efficient way to process your poultry, a solution perfect for those who choose to do it themselves. This workshop is sponsored by Yardbird Chicken Pluckers. Note: An extra pass is required for this workshop. Space is limited, get your passes today
Modern Homesteading Animal Husbandry Hands On

Available In:

Texas, Sunday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Hands-On Demonstrations A

Advanced Meat Processing

Tired of not knowing where your food comes from or what is in it? Want to have both control and satisfaction over what you eat? Then take part in an advanced discussion on how to process large animals, including sheep and pigs. This informative, step-by-step presentation enables you to successfully process your large meat animals.

Available In:

Pennsylvania, Workshop time to be determined
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