Lydia Doleman

Flying Hammer Productions


Lydia Doleman is a natural builder and carpenter living in Southern OR. She has been building since she first stole her sister’s legos at the age of three. For the last 2 decades her work has been a culminating point for ecology, art and social justice.

Flying Hammer Productions is her natural building construction company focused on pushing the bounds of affordable and energy efficient housing, training people and communities in various building skills and infusing the dreary urban/rural fabric with structures that reflect beauty, sustainability and community. You can usually find her in the mud, wrestling straw bales, laughing or just flying around by the seat of her pants….

Lydia is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Introduction to Building with Light Straw Clay (LSC)

In this virtual workshop, we will cover the basics of what light straw clay construction is, it's applications and the various wall systems it is compatible with. We will also cover small scale to large scale methods and when and where it is most appropriate to use.
Green Building Hands On

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