Linda Ziedrich

A Gardener's Table

Linn County Master Food Preservers, Santiam Food Alliance, Slow Food Corvallis, National Ark of Taste Committee


Linda Ziedrich writes about food from her home in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where she continually experiments with the fruits and vegetables she grows. Her books include The Joy of Pickling, now in its third edition, as well as The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves. Linda teaches preserving classes and develops recipes on request, and she keeps a blog at https://AGardenersTable.com.

Linda is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Simple Jam-Making

Learn how to make jam from the fruits of your gardens — in small, quick batches or bigger ones for pantry storage. This course explains what pectin is and whether you need to add it; what kind of sugar to use, how much, and why; whether to add acid, and why; how to recognize the gel point; what kind of thermometer works best; and how to can your jam. Linda will demonstrate two no-pectin-added jams, small-batch strawberry, and big-batch blackberry.
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