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Kyle Ferlemann is a 33-year veteran of the National Guard he worked extensively with local, state, and federal agencies in both domestic and international emergency planning and operational support. Formally trained in military as well as civilian disaster response, he has used these skills to meet the needs of civilian authority from small town Mayors to US embassy personnel where military assistance was appropriate. Having conducted hundreds of interviews with survivors of disasters and wars over many years, Kyle found that the most prepared and resilient people were those whose attitudes on awareness and preparation were a balance of self-reliance and connection with community. These stories and experiences of real-life resiliency lead Kyle to a philosophy of disaster preparedness that focused upon awareness, realistic expectations, economy, community connection, and civility. Kyle continues to write about and promote these principles as the most effective methods of readiness and resiliency during disasters as well as life in general.

Kyle is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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