Kevin Durkin

The Ploughshare Institute

Kevin Durkin grew up in New York, where (after his college studies and three years in medical research at Columbia University) he returned to his love of history and worked as a historical archaeologist on some of America’s earliest domestic and industrial sites. He and his wife, Kelly, then moved to Colorado, where they started farming and woodworking in an intentional community. Beginning in 1994, he designed and developed Homestead Traditional Craft Village in Texas, which includes many workshops including woodworking, pottery, blacksmithing, fiber crafts, a working 1760 gristmill, and a sustainable farm powered with draft horses. Today, it’s the home of the Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture. Durkin and his oldest daughter, Rebeccah, own and operate Brazos Valley Cheese, an artisan cheese company that has won numerous first-place international awards for their handcrafted cheeses (which are served in many fine-food venues, including restaurants, hotels, and the White House). Durkin keeps his feet on the ground by managing Brazos Valley Farm, where they raise a wide variety of sustainably grown vegetables, fruits, berries, and livestock.

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Historical Roots of the Global Industrial Model and the Need for Intentional Sustainable Communities

Kevin Durkin reviews the amazing history of the worldwide rise of technology and the demise of sustainable agriculture, beginning with the English banking revolution in 1694. He covers the Industrial Revolution through the Transportation Revolution, and how technology led to the mass-market economy and monoculture agribusiness. Most everyone is unaware of this story of how we got from a sustainable world to an unsustainable one in a relatively short time, and knowing how we got here is essential to knowing how to get back to a sustainable culture. Durkin concludes with how renewed local communities and small farms can reclaim these lost areas.
Modern Homesteading Nature and Community

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Texas, Saturday 2:00-3:00 p.m., The Ploughshare Institute Stage