Kathy and Haley Shearer

The Kefir Chicks


Kathy and Haley Shearer are two chicks on a mission: to bring awareness to everyone on whole foods and gut health through w​hole, probiotic-packed food medicine … water kefir!

Kathy will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Fairs


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Water Kefir and Gut Health

Mildly zesty, water kefir is a wonderful fermented beverage. Learn how this health drink alternative (similar to a natural, light, and refreshing soda) is good for your gut. It's loaded with valuable probiotics, good bacteria, enzymes, beneficial acids, vitamins, and minerals.
Real Foods Natural Health

Available In:

Pennsylvania, Saturday 1:00-1:30 p.m., Sustainable Agriculture Stage Sponsored by Farm to Table Western PA
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