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After becoming a Master Gardener through Texas A & M AgriLife Extension in 2014, Karena Poke founded Lettuce Live. With a passion for building healthy communities across world, Karena launched Lettuce Live.

Through Lettuce Live, our team designs and builds customized edible gardens with teachers, community leaders, corporations, and aspiring gardeners to provide families with more access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lettuce Live is a wellness movement focused on inspiring families, empowering communities, and equipping corporations with the resources, tools, and partnerships to grow fresh foods while developing healthy communities.

Every week Karena hosts Live From The Garden, a Facebook live series that connects viewers with garden professionals while visiting backyard gardens, rooftop farms, and other inviting greenspaces, all with the hopes of inspiring and introducing new ways in which to grow their food.

Karena can be contacted through Lettucelive.com.

Karena is speaking in Texas.


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Gardens Build Communities

Community gardens can provide communities with more than food; they can be a safe place for teens to meet while also serving as a gathering hub for special events and outdoor learning classrooms. Together we’ll explore ways to build and grow gardens that are inclusive and supportive. During the workshop we’ll discuss how why you should involve the garden beneficiaries during the planning process, explore ways to engage corporate partners and discuss ways to attract student volunteers.
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