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Karena Poke is an eco-entrepreneur, garden educator, and farmer. She is known for her pioneering work in translating edible gardens into a viable business model for transforming communities while also reducing chronic diseases in underserved food desert neighborhoods. After becoming a Master Gardener through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in 2014, and with a passion for building healthy communities across the world, Karena launched Lettuce Live.
The Lettuce Live team designs and builds customized edible gardens with teachers, community leaders, corporations, and aspiring gardeners to provide families with more access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Karena designed her first community garden for Aetna Health Care in 2012. Two years later, she launched Lettuce Live, an edible garden firm that builds and manages vegetable gardens and facilitates team-building exercises and workshops for individuals and corporations.
Her projects include building community gardens for Amazon in 2021 and Aetna Health Care in 2012; her first project was with then head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Lionel Hollins, the NBA Memphis Grizzlies, and UnitedHealthcare.
As a thought leader and passionate advocate for reforming the food industry, in 2021, Poke formed the Black Growers Association (BGA) to make the farm-to-table experience more profitable for Black and Brown growers. Our platform makes it easy for restaurants, grocers, and individuals seeking to connect to growers of color across the country to do so with ease.
Learn more about Karena’s work at www.LettuceLive.org, or follow her on Instagram (@LettuceliveUrbanFarm) and Facebook (@LettuceLive).

Karena is speaking in Texas.


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Growing in Small Spaces

Get ready to dig your hands in the dirt! We’ll be using grow bags to show you it’s possible to grow vegetable in small spaces. Participants will discover how to grow in small spaces, such as apartments, balconies, and patios. We can’t wait to see what you’re growing and harvesting in the grow bags you take home.
Organic Gardening Hands On

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Engaging and Growing Communities

Learn how to create community gardens that appeal to the entire community and attract volunteers while engaging corporate partners and donors. Homesteaders and backyard gardeners will be inspired to create gardens that can be a source of income while adding value to their communities. Karena believes gardens produce healthy families and strong communities.
Organic Gardening

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Building Gardens To Provide More Than Just Food

Explore ways to build and grow gardens that are inclusive and supportive. Community gardens can provide communities with more than food; they can be a safe place for teens to meet while also serving as a gathering hub for special events and outdoor learning classrooms. During the workshop we’ll discuss how and why you should involve the garden beneficiaries during the planning process, explore ways to engage corporate partners, and discuss ways to attract student volunteers.
Nature and Community

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