Karen Bassler

Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services


Karen Bassler has a law degree from the University of Wisconsin and over two decades of experience helping local groups build capacity to tackle important community-based conservation and environmental projects. She has recently joined Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services as the Community Democracy Program Manager, working in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania on community empowerment projects.

Karen is speaking in Pennsylvania.


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Alternative Energy: Know the law and who can help

Learn what your rights and restrictions for alternative energy systems are on your homestead. What are state and local laws you need to know? What types of incentive or assistance programs are available? Karen Bassler from Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services will walk through issues you should consider and help unravel the web of ordinances and building codes that govern alternative energy. This workshop is sponsored by Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services.
Renewable Energy

Speaking At:

Pennsylvania, Saturday 11:30-12:30 p.m., Building and Energy Stage