Joshua Andersen

Johnny Appleseed Organic


An expert in permaculture design who studied under some of the method’s most prolific practitioners, Joshua Anderson oversees growing operations at the Johnny Appleseed Organic Village. Combining syntropic and regenerative principles with his permaculture bonafides, he is spearheading the next step in the organic food revolution.

Joshua is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Power Composting with a Flail Mower

Watch as Joshua Andersen of Johnny Appleseed Organic demonstrates power-composting the farm's hearty Coker oat grass with a flail mower. The benefit of this method is that it breaks down the material — including tougher varieties of cover crops — into very fine pieces, aiding the decomposition process and speeding up the release of carbon into the underlying soil.
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Digging Mini-Swales with a Subsoiler

Joshua Anderson of Johnny Appleseed Organic prepares a future Mayhaw Grove by digging mini-swales , or foot-long deep channels, along contour lines of the pre-surveyed landscape. The channels are used to spread, sink, and store water for subsequent use. He uses the subsoiler attachment on his BCS two-wheel tractor.
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Digging a Micro-Swale

Learn how to make a micro-swale with Joshua Anderson of Johnny Appleseed Organic. A swale is a perfectly level ditch on contour that distributes water over longer areas to pacify the water's effect on landscapes. For this project, he uses a rotary plow to create this fixture of climate farming.
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