Jon Steinman

Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants

New Society Publishers


Jon Steinman is the author of Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants. Prior to this, he was the producer and host of the internationally syndicated radio show and podcast Deconstructing Dinner (and the television and web series of the same name). Steinman was an elected director from 2006 to 2016 of the Kootenay Co-op, Canada’s largest independent retail consumer food co-op, serving as board president from 2014 to 2016.

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Grocery Story The promise of food co ops in the age of grocery giants

Over the previous century, how has the concentration of market power in grocery retail shaped the food system of today? How do the largest grocers today maintain their grip on food-makers, communities, and eaters? Author Jon Steinman recounts what he learned as a food systems journalist, an experience that would lead him to write a book about consumer-owned grocery stores. He shares the remarkable work food co-ops are doing in communities across the country.
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