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The Moody family farms and homesteads on 35 acres in Kentucky. John Moody discovered more than a decade ago that his diet was killing him, with duodenal ulcers, seasonal allergies, and other health problems. So, the family began to transition to local foods and local food distribution. Eventually, he relocated his family to 35 acres of land to put his learning into practice. He currently serves as a founder and director of Steader (an online learning platform for homesteaders and farmers), and he also speaks at many local, regional, and national events on food, farming, and nutrition. He has two books forthcoming to help growers and gardeners, one on soil and one on small-scale farm infrastructure.

John will be speaking at the Summer Online and Pennsylvania Fairs.


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Winning the War on Weeds

Hear John Moody discuss solarization, proper design, mulching, and tools and tips to create weed-resistant annual and perennial growing spaces.
Organic Gardening Sustainable Agriculture

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Root Crop Container Growing Done Right

Many people find themselves short on space, with underutilized spots, or with pest problems that make growing root crops difficult. But many fabulous root crops can be grown in containers! John has grown up to 40 pounds of sweet potatoes in just a few square feet of containers, and shares how you can increase your growing options for all sorts of crops with the right containers, growing medium, and more!
Organic Gardening Hands On

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Elderberry: So much more than syrups, supplements, and spirits!

Elderberry was once called "the medicine chest of the people," an ancient plant revered for its almost unlimited uses. While it has been making a comeback, most people only think of its role for colds and flus. They miss the beauty, versatility, and practical value of the elder. Take a journey through 10,000 years of history, myth, medicine, and more, and go beyond elderberry basics.
Natural Health

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Easy-to-Harvest, Weed-Free Potatoes

The humble potato has sustained people in many parts of the world for hundreds of years — and caused consternation as well, because of all the work it takes to plant, weed, and harvest. See how to grow fantastic potatoes that stay weed-free and are easy to harvest.
Hands On Real Food

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Building Better Soil

Enjoy a hands-on look at building good soil quality at this workshop. John Moody reveals how to quadruple organic soil matter content in just one to two years.
Organic Gardening Sustainable Agriculture

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