Joe Putnam

Premier 1 Supplies


Joe Putnam works as a marketing copywriter and occasional shepherd for Premier 1 Supplies. He frequently appears in Premier’s instructional how-to videos on YouTube. Putnam can be found at farm industry events, where his gentle, hands-on approach makes even the most complex farming topics simple. When not at work, Putnam spends time on his family’s 40-acre farmstead in southeast Iowa. There the family raises cattle, sheep, poultry, multiple gardens, corn, hay, and oats.

Joe will be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Rotational Grazing on Pastures Large and Small

Get the basics of rotational grazing from the folks at Premier 1 Supplies. Cover the fundamentals of grazing 250 ewes on 150 acres, and learn to scale the system for a 2-acre plot. This workshop is sponsored by Premier 1.

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