Joe Claborn

The Ploughshare Institute


Joe Claborn has extensive experience with all types of poultry. He is a backyard poultry enthusiast, having kept a backyard flock for more than 19 years and, for the past 17 years, he has worked extensively with a large rare breed chick hatchery. Claborn is the founder of Claborn Family Farms, which currently takes care of flocks numbering more than 4,000 birds, has a hatching capacity of 3,000 eggs per week, and during the past four years has raised and shipped more than 29,000 birds. He is developing productive flocks of birds bred according to the American Poultry Association standard. Claborn is also an instructor for the Ploughshare Institute, where he shares his vision for sustainable backyard flocks at Ploughshare’s annual fair and in classes on the Ploughshare campus.

Joe will be speaking at the Texas Fairs


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Poultry and a Sustainable Homestead

Once you've begun to raise poultry, another important question is how to raise them more sustainably. This brings up questions like: Where should I get the poultry that I plan to raise? What are some of the considerations and the trade-offs of getting them from mail order sources, local or regional hatcheries, or even hatching them myself? Can I produce on my own homestead the food that my birds will need? What are some ways to do this? We'll explore questions and topics like these in this seminar.
Modern Homesteading Animal Husbandry

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Texas, Saturday 10:00-11:00 a.m., The Ploughshare Institute Stage

Extended The Power of Poultry

Interested in raising your own poultry flock for meat, eggs, or both? Have you recently started a flock, but feel you still have a lot to learn about bird health and nutrition? Perhaps you keep laying chickens now but want to get into meat birds? Are you interested in learning how to raise poultry to market for supplemental income? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," you won’t want to miss this extended workshop. During this interactive session, learn the common sense basics of setting up for a breeder flock and how to make good breeding decisions for creating birds that meet breed standard while producing better meat and eggs in the process. Over time, you can make great improvements to your flock, which will translate to healthier, more productive, and ultimately more valuable birds. This session includes hands-on instruction for handling live chickens for the purpose of breeding birds and their evaluation. This workshop is sponsored by Manna Pro. Note: An extra pass is required for this workshop. Space is limited, get your passes today
Animal Husbandry Hands On

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Texas, Saturday 2:00-5:00 p.m., Hands-On and Extended Workshops