Jim Reiland

California Straw Building Association

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www.strawbuilding.org; www.manyhandsbuilders.com

Jim Reiland is a general contractor and owner of Many Hands Builders in S. Oregon where he lives in a straw bale home with his wife. He started out as an owner-builder, then left a long career in sales and marketing to build full-time. He has worked on over sixty straw bale structures in N. California and Oregon in all phases of straw bale construction and remodeling, and he consults on straw bale construction projects. He joined the California Straw Building Association in 2004 and has been on the advisory board since 2006. He is active in CASBA’s on-line and hands-on workshop program.

Jim is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Introduction to Designing and Building with Straw Bales

Energy efficient homes made from carbon sequestering materials like straw are beautiful, fire resistant, and can help us live more sustainably. This workshop offers an overview of how straw bale structures are designed and built. Presentation includes a discussion of reasons to build with straw bales, trade-offs, design details that explain different construction techniques, and structural design considerations. Participants will gain a better understanding of the building science behind what makes these beautiful structures comfortable and durable. Since the walls are the only thing that sets a straw bale building apart from other forms of construction, this presentation will take viewers through the steps of building straw bale walls, running electrical and plumbing in the walls, preparing the walls for plaster, and plastering them. Much of the source material is drawn from CASBA’s book Straw Bale Building Details: An Illustrated Guide for Design and Construction, and many beautiful straw bale buildings in California and Oregon.
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