Jim Reiland

California Straw Building Association

www.manyhandsbuilders.com, www.strawbuilding.org

Jim Reiland is an Oregon licensed general contractor, and is the managing editor and one of 20 principal contributors to the California Straw Building Association (CASBA)’s Straw Bale Building Details: An Illustrated Guild for Design and Construction. He’s on CASBA’s advisory board and is an instructor in their workshop program. He has worked on more than 50 straw bale structures. He and his wife live and work out of a straw bale home and workshop and steward 10½ acres too many near Jacksonville, Oregon.

Jim will be speaking at the Oregon Fairs


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Straw Bale Buildings Beyond energy efficiency!

Almost 40 percent of all energy used in the United States is for heating, cooling, and operating buildings. Nearly 10 percent more is used to manufacture construction materials. Building a new home is one of the most environmentally costly things we do, because it has immediate and ongoing impacts! Learn how straw bale buildings create healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient, carbon-sequestering, beautiful structures from a locally sourced, annually renewable agricultural byproduct. This workshop draws from Straw Bale Building: An Illustrated Guide for Design and Construction, a book by the California Straw Building Association, and it covers the building science behind these remarkable structures (and how they are designed and built). It's a great introduction for those considering truly sustainable building.
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