Jessica Moody

New Society Publishers

Jessica is wife to John Moody, mother to five adorable and sometimes irascible kids, homeschooler in chief, homestead assistant, and Abby’s elderberry helper par excellence. She has mastered fitting sourdough into the crazy life that all the aforementioned roles create, and is the co-author with John of DIY Sourdough. She wants to help you see that anyone can achieve wholegrain sourdough success!

Jessica will be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Get Up to Speed with DIY Sourdough Basics

Never need yeast again by capturing your own wild starter and making two simple sourdough snacks just a few weeks into your sourdough adventure. With a focus on using whole grains rather than refined or processed flours, this session will introduce you to the wonderful world of traditional baked goods made simple.
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