Jeremy and Melissa Souza

Good Simple Living and Homesteading

The Souzas are a homesteading, permaculture, back-to-Eden gardening, organic-farming, off-grid-building family of six. They homeschool and strive to live a simple and debt-free life. Jeremy and Melissa Souza teach their children to be self-sufficient, and they hope to inspire others to make strides in their own lives to grow good food, raise healthy meats, and learn to do things for themselves. You can find them on their YouTube channel baking, canning, raising meat rabbits and chickens, gardening, and planting. The Souzas journey has led to them recently purchasing and developing a 20-acre off-grid homestead property in North Idaho, where they are expanding upon what they have learned thus far.

Jeremy will be speaking at the Oregon Fairs


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Stop Dreaming Start Homesteading

From suburban living to 20 acres in remote Idaho, find out how Jeremy and Melissa Souza are doing what they can with what they have … and how you can, too! Beginning your journey toward self-sufficiency can be as easy as making jam, raising rabbits, growing a garden, or even starting a compost bin. The Souzas show how to grow step by step toward a self-reliant and debt-free life, and how that has allowed them to work toward their mortgage-free homestead. Find out how they learned to utilize meat rabbits, broiler chickens, laying hens, permaculture, back-to-Eden gardening, food preservation, budgeting with kids, homeschooling, and learning new skills, all on their way to living their homestead dreams.

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Oregon, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Grit Stage