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Jennifer Priddy has been the general manager of sales at the Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply company’s Clarkson, KY location since November of 2018. Jennifer has 23 years of experience in the beekeeping industry, first working for Walter T. Kelley Company and then transitioning into management with Mann Lake. Jennifer and her family keep hives on their farm and use them for garden pollination and harvesting scrumptious alfalfa honey. In addition to keeping bees for many years, she has now added poultry to the family farm. There is nothing more that she likes to do than talk beekeeping and chickens.

Jennifer is speaking in Texas.


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Honeybee Colony Management

Honeybees are managed livestock, just like other animals on your homestead or farm; they need to be inspected for health and wellness and managed to prevent swarming. Witness a great way to check the health of the colony by doing a basic hive inspection. It’s important to monitor for the Varroa mite; learn how to do a Varroa mite check by doing an alcohol wash. Monitoring and treating for mites is important to managing healthy, productive colonies. If a colony is successfully managed, it may need to split to prevent swarming. There are many ways to accomplish this. See how to do a basic split. This workshop is sponsored by Mann Lake.
Animal Husbandry

Speaking At:

Texas, Sunday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Manna Pro Nurturing Life Livestock Stage

Basics of Chicken Keeping

Discuss the basics of keeping chickens, from preparing for baby chicks to keeping adult laying hens and meat birds. Follow an introduction to what to feed, how to water, housing, and basic health. Jennifer Priddy covers essential items necessary for the birds’ success, as well as equipment basics. This workshop is sponsored by Stromberg's.
Animal Husbandry

Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Manna Pro Nurturing Life Livestock Stage