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Janice Cox is an expert on the topic of natural beauty and making your own cosmetic products with simple kitchen and garden ingredients. She has authored five best-selling books on the topic: Natural Beauty at Home, Natural Beauty for All Seasons, Natural Beauty from the Garden, Beautiful Luffa, and Beautiful Lavender. She is currently the beauty editor for Herb Quarterly Magazine and lives in Medford, Oregon. She is also a member of The Herb Society of America, International Herb Association, United States Lavender Growers Association, Philadelphia Horticulture Society, and The National Garden Bureau.

Janice is speaking in Texas and is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Using Flowers and Herbs for Health and Beauty

Flowers and herbs are key ingredients in many commercial health and home products. They keep us healthy, add beauty to our lives, and improve our relationships. Janice Cox, Author of Beautiful Flowers and Beautiful Lavender, will share her love of flower gardening and how you, too, can grow and use simple garden flowers, such as sunflowers, geraniums, lavender, roses, and marigolds. You can use these blooms to create body-care products and home crafts, and as an edible enhancement to your dishes and drinks. You will also learn how to harvest, store, and air-dry your plants for year-round use. Take home plans to build your own drying racks and flower press out of recycled materials.
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Texas, Saturday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Mother Earth Living Stage

Summer Skin Care

Summer is the perfect season for creating your own natural skin care products and treatments because there are so many fresh ingredients available. Herbs, produce and flowers are everywhere and perfect ingredients for homemade body care products. Summer skin care includes sun protection, lighter cleansers and creams, deep conditioning hair products, foot care products (It is sandal season!) and soothing body lotions.
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Natural Beauty with Luffa

You may be surprised and delighted to learn that luffa sponges don't come from the sea. As vegetables in the gourd and cucumber family, they can easily be grown in your home garden. Janice Cox, author of Beautiful Luffa, teaches you how to start your own seeds and how to care for your plants. Additionally, she shows you how to make luffa soaps and a sugar scrub.
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Growing and Using Lavender

The fresh, clean scent of lavender has been used in cosmetics and skin care products since ancient times. Lavender smells good, improves your circulation, attracts pollinators to your yard, and helps you sleep, to name just a few reasons the popularity of this fragrant pant has never been higher. Learn how to start a new plant from cuttings; air-dry flowers for year-round use; and create your own DIY body care products that can be used for hair care, skin care, and in the bath. Janice Cox shares tips, recipes, and herbal craft ideas from her new workbook Beautiful Lavender.
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Garden Beauty Using Herbs and Flowers

Your garden is the ultimate health spa. It has been scientifically proven that people who go outdoors regularly and work with plants are happier, healthier, and less stressed. Herbs and flowers are key ingredients in many body care products. Learn DIY beauty basics, including how to make a mint hair rinse, calendula-infused body oil, and rose water. Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty from the Garden, shares recipes and ideas from her bestselling book and popular MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR workshop.
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DIY Body-Care Products and Gifts from the Garden

Learn to create your own DIY body-care products for personal use or gift giving. You may even be inspired to start your own garden-to-beauty-product line. Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty from the Garden and Natural Beauty for All Seasons, has been creating her own products for over 30 years. You will save money, learn to be a better consumer, and have fun. You will also look and feel terrific. Basic recipes and techniques will be shared along with packaging ideas. There will also be a “Bath Salt Bar” for you to create your own bath or foot soak to take home.
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Texas, Sunday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Mother Earth Living Stage

DIY Bird Feeders with Luffa

Birds are an important part of our world. They keep farmers in business. They protect our drinking water by preventing erosion. They are also fun to watch and keep us healthy. Learn about birds and some of their habits while creating your own natural backyard bird treats. Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty from the Garden and Beautiful Luffa, will guide you in making feeders using natural ingredients and luffa sponge gourds, a vegetable you can grow in your own garden. Take home your treats along with a free resource guide that you can use at home to learn more about your local birds.
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Texas, Sunday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Kids Treehouse Stage