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Janice Cox is an expert on the topic of natural beauty and making your own body care products with simple kitchen and garden ingredients. She is the author of six best-selling books on the topic: Natural Beauty at Home, Natural Beauty for All Seasons, Natural Beauty from the Garden, Beautiful Luffa, Beautiful Lavender, and Beautiful Flowers. She was the beauty editor for Herb Quarterly Magazine for over twenty years. Currently, she is the education chair for the Herb Society of America and a member of the United States Lavender Growers Association. Janice lives in Medford, Oregon.

Janice is speaking in Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kansas and is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Summer Skin Care

Summer is the perfect season for creating your own natural skin care products and treatments because there are so many fresh ingredients available. Herbs, produce and flowers are everywhere and perfect ingredients for homemade body care products. Summer skin care includes sun protection, lighter cleansers and creams, deep conditioning hair products, foot care products (It is sandal season!) and soothing body lotions.
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Natural Beauty with Luffa

You may be surprised and delighted to learn that luffa sponges don't come from the sea. As vegetables in the gourd and cucumber family, they can easily be grown in your home garden. Janice Cox, author of Beautiful Luffa, teaches you how to start your own seeds and how to care for your plants. Additionally, she shows you how to make luffa soaps and a sugar scrub.
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Natural Beauty From The Garden

Finding the right body, bath, and hair products can be daunting, and picking out the best option in a sea of labels with ingredients you’re not sure how to pronounce is never easy. However, with the help of Janice Cox and her book, Natural Beauty from the Garden, finding the right products to fit your needs is easy and fun!
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Kansas, Saturday 5:00-6:00 p.m., Organic Gardening Stage

Herbs for Health and Flavor

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Texas, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Real Food Stage

Growing, Using and Enjoying Lavender

Meet the Founder and President of Appalachian Botanical Company, Jocelyn Sheppard, and Chief Technical Officer Marina Sawyer, along with author Janice Cox (Beautiful Lavender) as they discuss how to grow, use, and enjoy lavender in an interactive lunchtime session. (Please bring your own lunch.)
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Pennsylvania, Sunday 1:00-1:30 p.m., Mountain Rose Herbs Stage
Kansas, Sunday 11:30-12:30 p.m., Mother Earth News Stage

Growing and Using Lavender

The fresh, clean scent of lavender has been used in cosmetics and skin care products since ancient times. Lavender smells good, improves your circulation, attracts pollinators to your yard, and helps you sleep, to name just a few reasons the popularity of this fragrant pant has never been higher. Learn how to start a new plant from cuttings; air-dry flowers for year-round use; and create your own DIY body care products that can be used for hair care, skin care, and in the bath. Janice Cox shares tips, recipes, and herbal craft ideas from her new workbook Beautiful Lavender.
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Garden Herbs and Flowers for Health and Beauty Hands-on Workshop

Discover new healthy uses for common garden plants with Janice Cox, author of the newly revised book Natural Beauty from the Garden. Did you know geranium leaves are powerful antidepressants or that lavender has antibacterial properties? Every household should have an aloe vera, called the “first aid plant.” Join Janice as she presents some of her favorite useful herbs and flowers for home beauty recipes and treatments. Create four body care products to take home in this hands-on workshop! Note: An extra pass is required for this workshop. Space is limited, get your passes today!
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Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Hands-On Workshops Room
Pennsylvania, Sunday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Hands-On Demonstrations
Kansas, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Hands-On Stage

Garden Beauty Using Herbs and Flowers

Your garden is the ultimate health spa. It has been scientifically proven that people who go outdoors regularly and work with plants are happier, healthier, and less stressed. Herbs and flowers are key ingredients in many body care products. Learn DIY beauty basics, including how to make a mint hair rinse, calendula-infused body oil, and rose water. Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty from the Garden, shares recipes and ideas from her bestselling book and popular MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR workshop.
Hands On DIY Skills

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DIY Bubbling Bath Bombs

Learn to create a fizzing bath bomb using common household ingredients with Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty from the Garden. Creating your own homemade bath and body products is cost effective, fun and a healthy way to take care of yourself. You will create your own bath bomb to take home and enjoy, as well a reusable mold and recipes for bath time fun and gift giving.

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Texas, Sunday 11:30-12:30 p.m., Kids Treehouse Stage
Pennsylvania, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Kids Treehouse Stage
Kansas, Sunday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Kids Treehouse (Outdoors)

Beautiful Luffa

Learn about delightful luffa (loofah) sponges that do not come from the sea but are a vegetable in the gourd and cucumber family and can easily be grown in your own home garden. Join Janice Cox, author of Beautiful Luffa, and learn how to grow and use these vegetable scrubbers to create body care products or even cook with luffa gourds. Discover the history of the plant and learn how to hand pollinate luffas and prepare the fiber for crafting.
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Texas, Saturday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Mother Earth Living Stage

Beautiful Lavender

Lavender is so much more than just a relaxing scent. Beyond its most well-known use as a sleep aid, lavender also helps reduce anxiety and inflammation, fights germs, treats skin issues, and relieves headaches. In Beautiful Lavender, Janice Cox walks you through many varieties of lavender, and the best practices for growing and using different types. You will soon discover just how versatile and inspiring the lovely lavender plant can be. Using its many therapeutic benefits, Cox incorporates the lavender plant into recipes for deterring fleas and ticks for pets, making play dough, dream pillows, lavender cookies, tea, lemonade, martinis, and more!
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Texas, Saturday 5:00-6:00 p.m., Mother Earth Living Stage

Beautiful Flowers

Join Janice Cox in this webinar to learn how to use flowers for natural beauty, cooking and eating; edible flowers; and creating floral crafts. Be inspired to grow and use more flowers and perhaps even explore even further into seed saving, edible flowers, or natural plant dyes. Learn the basics from types and parts of the flower to how to shop for plants and how to grow good soil. Topics such as natural beauty with flowers, edible flowers, flower crafts, and more will be discussed. Learn more at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR Online site: Maker Series Webinars
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