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Janet McKee is a speaker, best-selling author, wellness expert, and founder of SanaView Farms, a 52-acre historic landmark organic farm nestled in the Laurel Mountains, where she shares fresh ideas to regenerate our land and our health. She is an inducted member into the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers, and the author of “Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.”

Janet is speaking in Pennsylvania.


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Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health

Deprivation isn't the answer to good health. The secret to a long, vibrant, and happy life is to enjoy fresh foods that satisfy all your desired tastes and cravings, including dessert, where every ingredient helps your body feel energized and fight disease. Spend time with best-selling author, wellness expert, and farmer Janet McKee, as she shares her secrets to a happy and healthy life.
Real Foods

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Enjoy the Bounty from Your Garden All Year

Learn how to not only store and preserve food from your garden in-season, but also how to enjoy fresh produce from your garden all year. Out of a true passion for healthy living and a desire to eat fresh, organic, locally grown foods all year, Janet McKee has discovered the secrets to simple methods of growing and enjoying healthy and delicious foods year-round.
Organic Gardening

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A Truly Rich Life: How to turn your family hobby farm into a profitable business venture

Farming is a lot of hard work, and many of us do it as a labor of love. Well, you can labor with love while creating a viable and sustainable business for you and your community. You and your farm are meant to thrive, and when you do something you're passionate about and it's good for you and Mother Earth, then this is what Janet McKee calls a "Truly Rich Life." Learn all that Janet McKee, the owner of SanaView Farms, has learned the hard way so you can work with more ease.
Sustainable Agriculture

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