Ira Wallace

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello


Ira Wallace is on the board of the Organic Seed Alliance and is a worker/owner of the cooperatively managed Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, where she coordinates variety selection and new seed grower contracts. Southern Exposure helps people keep control of their food supply through seed saving and sustainable gardening. Books by This Speaker: Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast

Ira will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Fair.


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Sun Growing Common and Uncommon Greens for Summer Salads and More

Salad greens are some of the most satisfying plants a gardener can grow. What else can you sow a little of in a bare patch and start harvesting just four weeks later? If you've mastered the basic greens (such as romaine, leaf lettuces, and spinach) and you're looking for something a little different, or if your salad patch looks a little peaked in mid-summer, Ira Wallace has a few adventurous ideas for you as well as tips, varieties, and timing to keep the ordinary greens coming. Learn about 10 out-of-the-ordinary greens to try this year, including some that bridge the mid-summer gap between the cool, prolific spring and fall salad seasons.
Organic Gardening Real Foods

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Summer Planting for an Abundant Fall and Winter Harvest

A bountiful fall and winter plan starts in the heat of summer. Learn how to plan, create, and produce garden bounty all year. This workshop focuses on the all-season garden tasks in summer, including extensive summer succession plantings as well as when and how to plant crops in summer for a fall and winter harvest.
Organic Gardening Real Foods

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