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Ira is the author of Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast, a master gardener, and worker-owner of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. She serves on the boards of Organic Seed Alliance and the Virginia Association for Biological Farming.

Ira is speaking in Texas.


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Seed Saving: Preserving Genetic Diversity, Community Culture, and Your Bottom Line

Learn about the importance of seed saving and production, as well as considerations for your bottom line. Seed preservation is foundational to sustainable food production. Ira Wallace will discuss the work of Ujamaa Collective fighting consolidation in the seed industry and the loss of genetic diversity and knowledge.
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Texas, Sunday 11:30-12:30 p.m., Grit

How to Grow Perennial Onions, Leeks, and Other Unusual Alliums

Join Ira Wallace and learn about wonderful alliums. Most kitchen gardens contain at least one row of onions, usually planted in the spring. Less well-known are the perennial onions, including multiplying onions, shallots, and bulbing leeks. Stop by to see these tasty perennials and learn how to add these easy alliums to your garden.
Organic Gardening

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Grow More, Work Less: Expert Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

Discover simple tips and techniques for adding self-sowing annual, perennial, and biennial vegetables to your garden. Learn how to save time and money in your edible landscape, permaculture beds, or any vegetable garden.
Organic Gardening

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Attracting Pollinators to Your Vegetable Garden

Bees and other native pollinators are important for the productivity of your vegetable garden. Learn how to add herbs and flowers, seed saving, and other practices that welcome pollinators and other beneficial insects to your vegetable garden for an abundant harvest of cukes, squash, peppers, and more!
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Countryside