Hoss Boyd

TeraVolt Energy


Hoss Boyd is the founding president and CEO of TeraVolt Energy, an established commercial Texas based solar, energy storage, and manufactured energy systems company. Boyd is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 30 years combined Air Force active duty and reserve experience in logistics and as a Titan II ICBM Missile Commander. He is a contributing author to MOTHER EARTH NEWS on the topic of alternative energy.

Hoss is speaking in Texas.


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Off-Grid Energy: Becoming Energy Independent in 2023

Energy independence does not need to be painful. It does mean adjusting to a new way of life. Join Hoss Boyd as he goes through the basics of preparing to go "Off-Grid" and what's involved in living the Independent "Off-Grid" lifestyle after cutting the cord with the power company.
Renewable Energy

Speaking At:

Texas, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Grit Stage