Frances and Jeff Tacy

Franny's Farm


Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Franny Tacy has spent many years learning by adventure. She has a graduate degree in education and taught school for six years. She worked in pharmaceuticals for more than a decade. Her nickname was the “hippie in high heels.” Eventually, she followed her dreams to the farm. She has attended, participated in, and taught at Organic Growers School for years (among many other farming conventions). Tacy has shared pieces of her journey on Homestead Hustle and on the MOTHER EARTH NEWS YouTube channel!

Frances will be speaking at the North Carolina, Pennsylvania Fairs


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Hemp 101 Extended Workshop

Start your hemp journey with husband-and-wife duo Franny and Jeff Tacy! They walk folks through everything from getting a hemp-growing permit to taking hemp products to market. Pick up tips on growing, harvesting, and processing (and everything in between) during this extended workshop. Note: An extra pass is required for this workshop. Space is limited, get your passes today.
Organic Gardening Hands On

Available In:

North Carolina, Saturday 2:00-5:00 p.m., Hands-On and Extended Workshops
Pennsylvania, Saturday 10:00-1:00 p.m., Hands-On and Extended Workshops Room B